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Small Offices, Entrepreneurs to larger companies , The Avion Group Inc. has technology services and consulting for you. From laptops to box computers to servers and office networks The Avion Group has you covered. FREE ESTIMATES!


Our company partners with companies who provide high quality though affordable products and our technicians have and continuously refresh their computer industry certifications. The List of certifications can be found here. 

The Avion Group works with our client as partners and works with them to achieve access affordably no matter what budget we are working on. Checkout or service at the bottom and book an appointment at your office or for pickup.

Free Pickup and Delivery within a 20 Mile Radius and Onsite Service Available!

Technology Services

Windows, Apple and Android

Computer Hardware and Software

Hard Drive & Data Backups \ Drive Cloning

Multi Device Virus Protection and Cleanup

Small and Large Data (Computer) Networks

Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Computers and Servers

Technology Network Cabling, Devices & Cloud Services

+ Many More Please Contact Us Today!

Complete Computer, Server & Network Services for Small Business.

These are some of the services we offer, we always provide our clients with a free no obligation estimate, no onsite charge and free pickup and delivery. If you would rather email us please click here or call us at the office 

Computer Repairs

Wherever you bought your computer, whatever the brand, we can repair it for you, parts are extra if needed.



Laptop Screen Repair

Broken laptop screens are the most common repair - and we can fix it, a 15.6" screen starts at



Virus Cleanup &Checks

Don't let your system be one of the millions of systems that are compromised - and painfully slow!



Apple Repair

iMac, MacBook, Mac mini: Our Certified Apple repair specialists, utilizing Apple proprietary software and parts obtained directly from Apple.



Data Recovery

Hard Drives, RAID, Flash Drives: Don’t let a failed hard drive, broken flash drive or damaged camera card steal your memories or compromise important records.

Starting At:



Often we can speed up your computer or laptop by optimizing your system's settings. Or we can reinstall your operating system returning it to factory status.



Data Networks

Small or large from Data\Internet cabling to network boxes The Avion Group can service, build or repair your networks. We also work on Windows\Unix Servers.



Data Backup

Don't underestimate how much valuable data is on your computer. Back up your data or let us do it for your company which could cause loss of time or money.




Update of your software or hardware to make your computer faster, hold more files or do something different. Parts and Software are additional.



While we work hard to maintain accurate prices these may change without notice and all services are priced here are basic common services. any additional parts, time or software may result in a higher cost though you will be notified in writing or phone call before actual work or charges.


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